Tuesday, June 9, 2009

obessions/ early post

old drawing that i found (wet crayons rule)

My current obssesions Beach House!! (thanks to dennis a while ago) Palo Santo (thanks to paloma) Rainbows (always and forever) Eyes err! Comics ( not this one in particular more jodorowsky/moebius type, though i do want to be on some ninja tip) ((squares done by me on the program paint haha))

i havent used water colours in a while , so i decided to wet my whistle before going to sleep
realized that i should drown in that stuff

sweet dreams everyone!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

comic strip/ house tree person/ untitled(spiral triangle face)

Hello!!! this is a comic strip i did a week or so ago (click for details)

up next is a sort of assignment i had once for a psychology of color class
we had to draw a house, tree and a person
psychologist make little kids do this and from that they learn about them (ahhh) from the colours they use to how they size things and so on..

i got my friend sabrina to do it too :) (hey sabrina! just incase yer watching)

and finally this next piece is untitled but it's about spirals triangles and faces
see you soon

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello everyone / Gift for a friend

Hello to the blog world out there!

I signed up for this a while ago but didn't post a thing till now.

It is now my duty to remain active in the posting.

I shall post any kind of creation that is digital or could be digitized (photographed, scanned)

Love to all

See you soon!

This first post is a gift for a friend

Pen , Acrylic , Glitter